Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, to be a 4 year old...

On Monday, I called my sister, Ang, just to chit-chat. However, her oldest daughter, Lizzie (4 1/2) answered the phone. This is the just of ther conversation:

L: Hello, Bairds!
M: Hi, who is this?
L: Elizabeth.
M: Hi Lizzie! What are you doing?
L: Waiting for my uncle to come play.
M: Which uncle? Uncle Paul or Uncle John?
L: Uncle John.
M: Why is he coming over?
L: Cause my dad needs to go check on my mom.
M: Where is she?
L: At the dentist.
M: Where is you dad?
L: He's home from work.
M: Where is Katelyn?
L: On the counter.
M: Where is baby Cassidy?
L: My dad just put her down for a nap.
M: Okay. What did you do today?
L: (something about her friend that lives behind them) And guess what?
M: What?
L: She wears a bikini?
M: Oh. Do we wear bikinis?
L: No.
M: Why not?
L: Um... guess what Aunt Melissa...
M: What?
L: I can do a cartwheel all by myself?
M: You can?! You must be almost five years old.
L: Aunt Melissa, you must not know when my birthday is. It's October 30th.
M: I know that. It right by Halloween. Macie turns 5 first and then its your turn.
L: Guess what Aunt Melissa...
M: What?
L: I'm going with a friend to go ride ponies. I can go because I'm 4 but Katelyn can't. She isn't 4.
M: Oh. Do you want to know what I want to do when I grow up after I'm a mom and all my kids are grown up?
L: What?
M: I want to buy a big house on lots of land and get some horses.
L: (long pause) Melissa... can you say that part again. I was watching my friend out on her lawn.
M: Um... *chuckles* okay... when I grow up after I'm a mom and all my kids are grown up I want to buy a big house on lots of land and get some horses and be a cowgirl.
L: That's what I want to do!
M: Really?!
L: Yeah!
M: Well then, whoever gets to be a cowgirl first can let the other person come over and ride their horses... how does that sound?
L: I bet you will be first, cause guess what?
M: What?
L: You are bigger.
M: Oh. Well, we'll see.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Alien Romance...?!? Part II

About 10 days ago... I couldn't get to sleep and the cover of The Host was staring me down. Not to mention that I had spent the evening watching the preview for the Twilight movie (December just cannot come fast enough), I decided to give it one more chance.

After 2 pages... I WAS HOOKED!

I stayed up until 1 or 2 that night reading... slept with the light on... took it to work, read it during every possible break... stayed up until 1 or 2 that night, slept with the light on, and last Sunday I finally finished it. I had thought all along that it wasn't going to be until the end of the book that she finds Jared and Jamie... low and behold... on that second page on that night 10 days ago, she sees him! Oh my goodness! Talk about intense! Plus, let's be honest... Ian is a much better catch. I TOTALLY would pick him over Jared. But that is besides the point... All I have to say is.... the first 120 pages or so are kinda hard to get through... but after that IT IS WONDERFUL! Mel... you have to read it... I will bring you my copy at the reunion!

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