Monday, August 4, 2008

Celebrating the 4th!

I ended up working at the Gap on the 4th (which I'm totally okay with). Holiday pay! Woot woot! I love working holidays for some reason. There is just a totally different atmosphere with tons of energy! Bummer side... missed any parade of any kind. What is the 4th without a parade?!

After I got home and had a quick nap, we were able to go out front and lets the "red rockets red glare!" We were out with the neighbors... ya know... the ones that you wave at but don't talk much to. It was great to actually put names with faces.
The best moment of the night: I looked over at mom who was holding a stick with a red glowing tip. I asked her, "Mom, what are you doing?" "I dunno but it isn't very exciting." Dad then looks over and laughs, "Diane, that's a punk. You use it to light the fireworks." Classic.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Gunnell Family Reunion

So yes... the reunion was about 6 weeks ago... but I have yet to update you about it. I went the weekend before and spent it with the Bairds (thanks again) Had a glorious Father's Day with them. Spent both hours of Sunday School and Relief Society helping Ang out in nursery. That was a bit overwhelming. Lol. And I don't recommend watching "One Last Call"... the trailer alone scared me.

We headed up to Bear Lake and stayed in this AMAZING house with the entire family. I was assigned to the Teenage Girl room... at that point I didn't know whether it was a compliment (because I looked so young) or that it was a punishment of sorts... Adult supervision... yay. But it was fun sharing with Lisa, Julian, Jodi and Ali. the best moments was when I would walk into the room in the middle of the afternoon and they each were reading either Host or one of the Twilight books. *sniff* They make me so proud!

Much time was spent out on the boats at the lake. First thing Tuesday morning, I mastered the tube... and walked away with a sore neck from whiplash... I blame my dad for that one. It was interesting the next couple days as changing shirts became painful and the only place that I could sleep sitting up happened to be on the couch in the most popular place for the family to be. Joy.

We also had a great time with kareokee, Luau, family dance and just overall being together. These are a few of my favorite moments:
  • Grandma Gunnell winning Aloha Bingo Blackout
  • Riding in the boat with Macie resting on my lap, Reid sleeping next to me, and Lizzie sitting in the front of the boat screaming.
  • Macie (from the above moment) reaching up from under the towel to carress my check and say, "I love you Aunt Melissa" with a deep sigh.
  • Riding with the older cousins on Horseback. Rekindled my dream to live on a ranch.
  • Cops crashing our kareokee.
  • "The Grand Pooh-Bah" Uncle David with his official ladle
  • Watching Walker bust a move on the dance floor in he Lightening McQueen undies.
  • Mary in her wonderful seashell bra at the Luau.

Afterwords, I crashed at Danny and Mary's until I came home. I saw Jules Hoehn, one of my best friends from high school (soon to be engaged... to Kimber who is a babe!). Lost horribly in Ticket to Ride. Played Horse with Reid. Enjoyed Sacrament Meeting with Macie, yet again on my lap with the occasional carress on the check and "I love you Aunt Melissa." Can being an aunt be much better than that?!