Saturday, October 17, 2009

Roller Coater Week

This week has been full of ups and downs... Here's a recap:

Management opening at Gap.... UP.

Toilet got clogged.... DOWN.

Went in early to work at the bakery and cleaned the shelving (which was very much needed).... UP.

Vanessa, the full-time cake decorator called in sick.... DOWN.

I got to do the cake orders.... UP.

Couldn't figure out how to apply online for the job and ended up canceling my interview... DOWN.

Was able to mend some of my clothes.... UP.

Washed my newly mended clothes with gum.... DOWN.

Got paid.... UP.

Paid bills.... DOWN.

Decorated cakes all week.... UP.

Was thirty minutes late one day to Gap because I thought I started at 6 and not 5:30.... DOWN.

Was offered a full-time position as the cake decorator... UP.

Offer was retracted... DOWN.

In all reality, there are a lot more ups than downs. In fact I find it a bit humorous that there were so many flip flops in circumstances. At the end of the week, I'm mostly healthy (still have allergies, my hands are super dry and chapped, and I'm a bit dehydrated), I'm surrounded by people who love me, I have two jobs that I can do well, and I have food, clothing, and shelter.

Life is an adventure... and I'm along for the ride.


Cassidy said...

Hang in there, Melis!! We are routing for you all the way from Texas!!! We love and miss you!!!

Angela Baird said...

I'm a bit queasy myself from that ride! Glad there were more ups, sorry for the downs, though. Fun to see you yesterday!

lehi + sasha said...

hey there newlywed!

congrats again!

lehi and i are going private so, i need your e-mail pronto!

hope you had a lovely holiday!