Sunday, April 20, 2008

Date Night with Lisa

So I finally got a Friday night off and I went on a date! with Lisa! We went over to Bullwinkles and did the go carts (Lisa had the fastest cart there), played a round of laser tag with some of her school friends that we ran into there and goofed off with some tokens. Our prizes? A whoopie cushion that lasted 2.7 seconds and some annoying lip whistle things. We had fun though!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

All done up...

So, Ask Her got her first ever "store bought" bath and brush yesterday. My mom doesn't care for pets in the house... even for a bath. Up until a few months ago, I was able to spend a couple hours over at Amy and David's apartment for some suds. However, times have changed and Ask Her was getting smelly! She was so excited to go in until they tried to pick her up. Then she wasn't quite sure how she felt about everything. Then after a bath, brush, massage, nail clip, and teeth brush, she was ready to leave! My favorite part was when I went to go pick her up and she had a cute little PetSmart bandana on. How adorable!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can I plant my Tulips next to yours?

For FHE this past week, we went to the Tulip Festival near Woodburn, OR. It was beautiful! The weather was a bit... well... Oregonish... but we made the most of it. Mom liked the 2-toned tulips and dad liked the deep red... as usual. Lisa was excited for the swings! I got a few good shots (the overcast actually helped with the lighting). Enjoy!

Ah.... Tender!

Birthday Memories

So, back in the begninning of February, I treated myself to a weekend in Utah to be with my siblings and nieces and nephews and boy what a trip it was! It was a whirlwind trip for sure... spending less than 24 hours at each house and cramming in as much fun as possible. There was President Hinkley's viewing and funeral, a drastic hairstyle change (donated 12 inches to Locks of Love... again...), Boondocks, homemade pizza, lost car keys, Bingo, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, singing time in Primary, Cream Chicken and rice, Busterscotch Pudding delight, Sardine Canyon Blizzard, birthday cak and floats, kisses from a long lost boyfriend (aka Dozer), leftover Super Bowl goodies, visitng the grandparents, Show-N-Tell, Chinese New Year Celebration, and last but not least, my birthday! Whew! Thank you so much to everyone for letting come spend time with you all!

Pre hair cut with Lizzie and Kate....

...and post haircut!

Waiting for the funeral procession with our canes.

This picture is such a sweet picture... I love the teaching moment that it captured.

Me with the Baird girls at Boondocks!

Jackson and Walker in the shrits that I gave them.

And super cutie Cade!

Happy 1st Birthday Brylie!

My long lost love, Dozer... it didn't take him long to remember me and whiz everywhere...

Grandma and Grandpa Korth... and bonus Davis...

Grandma Gunnell... she rocks.

Sweet little Reidy...

Macie was so excited that I came for a visit!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Katelyn

For those who know... my adorable niece Katelyn turned three a few weeks ago. For her birthday I set her the new Enchanted DVD (the new Disney Princess movie), which I highly recommend (I watched it at least 12 times the week I got my own copy). I have the soundtrack as well and listen to it frequently at work. My co-workers were quite observant and I have since found these few items as the wall paper on my desktop... oh so funny!