Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's my turn!!!

So here we go... All of my married siblings all have blogs for their families. A couple of weeks ago my brother and sister-in-law were talking to my parents and through the course of the phone call realized that they didn't know that a)I started working at Xerox(which I had for about a month at that time) b) I was planning on staying in Oregon for 6-12 months longer than I had planned c) I had called it quits with love interest Casey and d) that I was still working at the Gap. The funny thing was that I pretty much knew everything that was going on with them! It was Mel's up-to-date and oh so cute blog. (Don't down-play it Mel... it is AMAZING!)

So although I can't promise much with this blog, I at least hope to be able to keep my family in the loop as far as what job I'm working at and what Ask Her is doing. Happy Blogging!